Brief About Us.

Second Skin Club opened its doors on a sweet autumn night, on October 3 of 2008. 10 years later, the drive, the fire, the passion and the ambition remains the same: Organising the most cutting edge events, delivering our trademark Disappear Here Saturday nights while always booking the artists/djs/performers/bands that matter. 

George Fakinos runs and curates the club since day 1 (the man behind the vision, with a little help from John Mantonanakis though on the first 2 years). George carries a Dj history since the early 90s: He used to dj in various clubs in Athens either for residencies (Next, Metalleio, Horostasio (1995-2002), Odd, Memphis, Underworld (2005-2008). In the late 90s, he started expanding his activities into promoting as well and he’s responsible for booking musicians like Brian Molko (Placebo), Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), Kevin Matthews (Puressence), Mani (Primal Scream, Stone Roses), Neil Taylor (Mesh), Andy Rourke (Smiths), Barry 7 (Add N To X), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets), Danny & Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema), and many more as special guests in various venus in Athens. Some of his international bookings for his fetish/BDSM events (like Spookshow in the past or Venus In Furs which is the one that happens every 3 months at Second Skin) : Dani Divine, Miss Lily White, Lucifire, Tutti Frutti, Paloma Faith, Esme, Kumi Monster, Amrita, Psycho Cyborgs, The Tusk, Vivid Angel, Maleficent Martini, Crazy White Sean, Valeria Dragova, Suka Off, Syban, Pain Solution, Xarah Von Den Vielenriegen, Ilya Langbein, Sophia Landi, Kirigami & Tenshiko, Skinnyredhead, Amarantha La Blanche, Zara Du Rose, Miss Crash,Vicky Butterfly, Mad Pussy Gang. He has also organised Torture Garden in Athens for 5 consecutive years and co-organised Fetish Ball.

Some of the bands that George has booked for gigs are The Mission, The Organ, Unter Null, Aesthetic Perfection, Calla, Xotox, Noisuf-X, Star Industry, X-RX, For Against, Expatriate, IAMX, FabrikC, Nachtmahr, Dirty Weather, Peter Hook & The Light, Suono, Incubite, Grendel, Detachments, Soap&Skin, Philm, Faderhead, Combichrist, William Control, Freakangel, Grausame Tochter. 

George has djed  in England, Slovenia, Russia, Spain, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, USA.

Most of Fridays and Saturdays, you will find both of our stages open (Main Floor and the atmospheric Red Room upstairs) with a wide variety of events, residents and special guest Djs hosting different kind of sub-genres, in a venue as unique as the music we spin.




Disappear Here...